Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

Mondays are always a little hectic over here.  Time to get back to school, back on schedule, etc etc.  I’ll admit that we are not “schedule” people, and I will further admit that I am not sure this lack-of-schedule even really “works” for us.  Chalk it up to my husband and I being slightly too lazy to get ON a schedule and maybe being a little bit selfish because we really like to fly by the seat of our pants.

Yes, this repeatedly bites us in the rear end:  missed naps, late night dance parties with kids that don’t want to sleep, early AM rush-arounds getting outfits picked and lunches made.  But, for the most part we cope with minimal yelling and gnashing of teeth (MOSTLY).

As I sit here and watch my son slug down a sippy cup of chocolate milk while worshiping at the alter of the MIckey Mouse Clubhouse, I think about how absolutely FLEETING this all is.  My husband and i just celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary (with dating, we’ve been together 11 years).  Now, I know there are people in my social circle that have been together the same or longer, but it seems to have gone by SO FAST, and yet went I contemplate the past 11 years, so much has happened.

But now I am THAT mom- the ever-present PTA presence, probably much to the chagrin of school staff.  This past weekend I found myself buying our oldest “specialty” outfits from Target for each holiday (hot damn they had the CUTEST St. Patrick’s Day Hello Kitty T-Shirt).  Just 11 years ago, I had no idea that parented required the purchase of t-shirts for each holiday, major & minor.  

Well, time to get going- there are menus to plan for the week!  Any good ideas?  So sick of the same old.



  1. Fish tacos? I buy basa (it’s good and cheap) cutmitminto shortish strips. Add a package of taco powder to breadcrumbs. Egg, breadcrumb, cookie sheet sprayed with olive oil, spray fish with olive oil. Oven on 400F.

    Then chop up a bunch of stuff and let them go to it…brown rice, diced cucumber, chopped broccoli, corn, shredded cheese, whatev.

    Meatball heroes, big hit

    Greek night – thin slices of flank steak, pita bread (the good whole wheat kind, not the pita pockets) warmed in a pan with a little olive oil, cucumbers and feta, hummus.

    And WHERE did the freakin time go?! If you figure it out,let me know. Love you.m

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