Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 5, 2011


It has finally happened.  Our house has become overrun with children and there is nothing my husband or I can do about it!   The little buggers’ toys are EVERYWHERE.  Every night we run damage control after they go to sleep so we have a space to walk.  You never, EVER want to step on some of these small toy parts.  Ever step on a piece of fake sushi barefoot?  It SUCKS!

I don’t even want to mention what’s been going on at bed time.  It’s become musical beds.  And I KNOW the answer is just letting them all “cry it out” but it is easier said than done- especially with two.  We tried to let the little guy go at it in his crib the other night, but then he got so hysterical he woke up his sister… and then she started in, and well, who the HELL has that type of fortitude at 2am.  Not me, not my husband.

Maybe the answer is we just have to do a few shots of scotch before bedtime, but on some ear muffs, and hope for the best?  Seriously, thought- we are screwed.  My husband just came behind me and rubbed my shoulders and I thought- oh yeah, that’s right- I have a husband- not just a partner-in-crime that helps me deal with the two rug rats.

From morning to night it is a series of complaints from the four-year-old Tyrant.  It goes something like this:

“mom, Joel moved my kitchen!”

“mom, Joel is touching my tent!” (by the way, yeah thanks Aunt Samantha for the giant Princess tent that at times takes up our entire living room area).

“mom, Joel is breathing”

Well, you get the point…

Then from the little guy something like this:

“eeeehhhhh wah wah wah argh” at the top of his lungs.

Not pretty.

And really, I do feel bad because seriously Maddie should be able to play by herself without her lil’brother getting in the middle of everything.. but I’m not sure what to do here.  What is parenting protocol?  Do I tell her to deal?  That he’s gonna muck it all up?  ‘Cause you know- what big sister is doing- brother wants to do, too.

And did I mention, when he wants something he yells?  He yells his crazy babble… it’s hysterical.  He doesn’t know how to talk, but he knows how to accomplish the emotion behind it!


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