Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 16, 2011

Nard Box

Wow- I can’t believe it’ has been so long since I’ve written!  Between children, house, and jobs… suffice to say I’m pulled in a gazillion directions!

So this morning Maddie asks me, “mom, what’s a Nard Box?”  Nard Box?  I said Maddie, I don’t know what that is!  She said, you know mom- the animal that lives in the little shell,  a Nard Box?  I said oh an Aardvark?  How funny is that?  By the way did YOU know Aardvark has two “a’s?”  I had no idea!

See- thanks to my four year old, I now know how to spell Aardvark!




  1. I’m such a nerd, I used to read our unabridged dictionary as a kid. Not only did I know aardvark is spelled with a double a, but that it’s from the dutch for “earth pig.” Not a whole lot to do in rural PA when the weather’s inclement :).

    That’s hysterical. I love trying to figure out mispronounced words. My favorite is when my friend Tom’s daughter came home from school and informed her parents that they’d made “apple pusses” that day. Took them forever to figure out she meant octopi.

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