Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 7, 2011

weekend update…

It’s snowing today- so I feel slightly more justified in leaving my Christmas tree header up for a few more days.  I WILL get around to putting something up.

This weekend we have a lot going on.  I have to work at my store, Darlings & Divas tomorrow and we have  a birthday party from 2-4.  Saturday night we’re meeting good friends for dinner; we weren’t able to go to their wedding so we’re taking them out!  We’ll be checking out Perfect Mundo in Commack.  It was recently named by Newsday to be one of the top 10 restaurants of 2010 and received a three-star review.  I’ll be sure to post MY review next week!  Even if the food is so-so, I’m totally looking forward to hanging with my friends and having some sangria.. YUM!

Tonight, as long as the snow isn’t THAT bad, I’ll be meeting my step sister (or NB- “non-biological”) for drinks and sushi at Aji 53 in Bayshore.  I really like Aji 53.  From all the sushi I’ve had on Long Island, it’s the closest to Nobu quality I’ve found (and boy, do I like Nobu- for my 35 birthday husband and I spent $350 on dinner for two there… yes, you read correctly- $350.00!!!).

Sunday is the day I’m super excited about- I got two tickets to Disney Princesses on ice for Maddie.  She has no idea I’m taking her!  I’m so excited- she’s going to have so much fun!

So, what are your plans for the weekend?


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