Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 5, 2011

tea baggers

I really don’t want to jump on the political bandwagon.. it’s so exhausting.  This country has a serious case of Multiple Personality Disorder.. deficit-hawks were voted in to Congress and have their eyes set on slashing the budget.  I am actually sitting back with a smirk on my face to see how this turns out.

The American public LOVES their entitlement programs- Social Security and Medicare.  They also love the funding they get from the Feds that flows into their states:  money for schools, roads, “earmark” projects that are labeled “wasteful” at the Federal level but are oftentimes very useful at the local level. I am wondering, beyond dismantling “ObamaCare”, which won’t SAVE any money out of the Federal budget, what the Tea Baggers are going to do?

Whatever they slash- people are going to be really ticked off… they TALK the talk… but when it comes down to losing government programs they consider “vital”.. well, lets see what happens!

I have the tendency to get really crazy and uptight about this stuff- it actually can bring me to tears because I just don’t understand people…. I can’t figure out if they don’t like “ObamaCare”.. what the alternative is?  Just because they are the lucky-few to have excellent employer-sponsored health care NOW doesn’t mean it always will be the case.  They can get fired or let go.. or, more likely, the Company they work for, faced with rising health care costs, will switch to a high-deductible plan.

I’m taking the attitude that whatever DOES happen.. well, as a country, we’ll be OK- because this type of thinking sort of cycles around..

well.. I hope.



  1. Even wealthy people like Elizabeth Edwards do things like stay in a marriage they want to and should leave because they need insurance. Of course we need healthcare for all; in the long run it will *save* us money. And maybe if the liberals and the Dems would have touted it as an “age extension” of medicare or something like that, people would have understood it better. Instead they go with the talking points of the Rep PR machine. I even know some (normally) liberal people who would quote incorrect fats and statistics from the right.
    Sigh. We’ll see how this whole thing goes…

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