Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 8, 2010

happy fire-versary to me!

This past week was my third anniversary of getting the boot from my old job!  Three years later I want to say THANK YOU for canning me!  Everything certainly DOES happen for a reason and I look at my life now and think of all the things I wouldn’t have and wouldn’t be able to do if I were still employed at my old job.

I most certainly would not have gotten pregnant with Joel because I am sure I wouldn’t have the time off and understanding to undergo all the medical testing and treatments, all of which took countless hours.

I know I wouldn’t have my current business, Darlings & Divas.  I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to cultivate it, and I probably wouldn’t have even known when the opportunity presented itself.

When I was fired I felt betrayed, sad and hurt.  I had just celebrated my fifth anniversary with my employer and I wasn’t even given a severance when I was let go because I refused to sign a bogus separation agreement.  It was a pretty scary time, but it gave me the fortitude to look for opportunities that would allow me to spend time with my family and have a harmonious balance between work and home.

Sure, now that I’m doing my own thing, I feel like I NEVER stop.. but you know what?  I’m doing it with my husband and kids at my side.  Even though it’s hard, I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD!

To all you unemployed out there, I know it’s so scary- but keep your chin up and know that everything does, in fact, happen for the reason.  The universe, God, higher power, or whatever you call it, knows where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing even if you don’t!  Have faith that it will all come together, because it will!



  1. Yes, Dina..I truly believe that God knows our life plans..I started believing that the day I held my Haley for the first time, and yes everything does happen for a reason!

    You are awesome Dina, and I’m glad that you are happy. You may not have seen it then, but you know what all of it meant now!

    Donna 🙂

  2. I love you and I’m so very proud of you, Dina! I wish you absolute success and happiness as you build your awesome business and spend quality time raising your beautiful family. You’re inspirational and you deserve all the best that the world has to offer. Your friendship enriches my life, and even though I don’t get to see you as often as I’d like to, I cherish you as my dear and loving friend. XOXO

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