Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 9, 2010

The world of boy

I suppose i didn’t really get what the big deal was- having a girl vs having a boy. Fast forward nine months and here I sit, staring slack-jawed at the destructive force in my life named Joel!

He doesn’t crawl and yet he has manages to make his way over to the TV cabinet, whete he quickly he- manned open the doors and started pulling out the playstation controls. As if the need for gaming is some how encoded into his DNA.

Yeah, i know, i am going to have to tether all the furniture to the walls. There is no doubt he will attempt to pull it all down.

Just now Joel stopped everything to watch Matt Lauer report from New Orleans about the Saints opening the football season. Really???

He is certainly a boy. There is no doubt. And he is lots of fun. And a serious handfull!!!!



  1. Yup. That stuff is hardwired. Tobin was ripping all his books out of his basket and perusing the covers today and naturally stopped on the one with the giant dump truck on it.

    He also likes to grab large stick-shaped items (broom, Swiffer, plunger, etc.) and swing them around like a light saber–and he’s never watched Star Wars or even seen a mock sword fight.

    And we’re already fighting him for the remote.

    It…just…gets…WORSE 🙂

    On the up side, he could care less how I dress him or that he only ever has maybe 3 pairs of shoes that fit. He’s just about to outgrow his sneaks and the rest of his shoes that fit are summery, so we need to go shopping soon.

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