Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 10, 2010

Bye bye pacifier!

I am pleased to report that Maddie is currently going on six days being pacifier free. This is a huge big deal for us. Pacifiers were my daughter’s “lovie”. She had a collection of sixteen encompassing different colors and models. It was quite the collection

The pediatric dentist gave us the suggestion on how to ditch ’em. The tooth fairy also takes pacifiers to the poor babies at the hospital, don’t ya know? Maddie decorated a manila envelope, put the pacis in, and hid the envelope under her pillow.

Of course she made out in the deal. In return she received a new American Girl doll. Ninety five dollars!!!!

Well worth it though, to not have to hear her constant whining for a paci! Although she did try and beat the crap out of the doll in hopes the tooth fairy would take back the doll and return the pacis. She is no dope!


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