Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 28, 2010

got my fit on…

That’s right, I have got my fit on.  And right on time.  I usually spiral into a fit of complete and utter rage at least 2 or 3 times a year… I can’t remember when my last fit of rage was, so I suppose this one is overdo!

What’s interesting is I’m not in a crappy mood 24/7/365… it comes and goes with wavering levels of intensity.. but it DOES come back and almost anything can send me over the edge into the seeing-red-steam-coming-out-the-ears territory.

It all started out with this house deal falling through which is totally annoying.  And it isn’t even that I’m so super duper upset that we lost out on the house- because there are a gazillion more like it… it’s the feeling of being taken advantage of and screwed over that is getting to me.  This woman was a supposed sweet-old-lady.. the wife of a DEACON for God’s sake and she pulled a fast one on us for a few thousand… not even a LIFE changing amount of money!

Of course it’s also the prospect of starting the house hunt up all over again… I’m getting into one of my, “I don’t give a crap about ever buying a house I’m going to rent forever because this is a pain-in-the-ass” moods.  I just hate looking at houses… I hate going in them with other people’s stuff in them, especially when they are home and you have to feel all weird and crap.  Or worse, they smell.  Or even MORE worse, their dog comes over and rams its face in your crotch!  Or MORE MORE worse, they have their elderly, half-foot-in-the-ground  grandfather living in the basement and it smells like a piss factory (yes, this has in fact happened).

I also have my fit on about work.. which I really can’t bitch about TOO much ’cause I work for my Dad.. which is probably why I have my fit on because there is NO FUCKING OUTLET!  Sometimes I’m so stressed out I can’t even sleep…. in a way it’s good that the house deal feel through because the prospect of buying a house directly caused the increase in stress/worry over work.  What I think is worse, though, is I seem to be one of the only people that is seriously worried/affected by the day-to-day of the job.. and THAT is what SERIOUSLY puts my fit on in a big way.

I wish I could be one of those people that doesn’t let stuff bother them.. that lets life just happen and doesn’t get their hackles up about any one given thing.  But I’m not… I’m a fixer and a doer.  And when no progress is being made, It drives me nuts.

I know in another day or so, this will pass… but as for now, I just can’t shake it.. so I guess I should just deal with it.

Am I the only one that gets into these grump-a-thons?  If not, what do you do to shake off the blues?



  1. I’m the water-off-a-duck’s-back one in the relationship. Ethan is the worrier/fit haver. He just rides them out–and even seems to enjoy them to a certain extent. I just try to give him space and be supportive while at the same time reminding him that taking it out on me is neither acceptable nor an option. I think he gets genuinely offended when I don’t take things as personally or hard as he does.

    So do something that allows you to work off the stress w/o directing it at the nearest family member.

  2. I find large glasses of alcohol work. Also, hitting. Hitting is good (not people, please…unless they really deserve it lol.) Screaming out loud. That helps, too. Loud, very very loud, music that only you like. Good. Slamming doors. Effective. Cursing at strangers. Key. Cooking. Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of cooking…I think it’s the knife work that does it.

    If none of that helps, grab the kids, pick a video, pull down the shades, climb into the bed, and snuggle. Their sweet little feet all tangled with your legs and their warm hands tucked around your arms are really all that matters. The rest of it is all shit.

  3. I’m with ya sweetie. I”m queen of fits. Call me anytime to talk. I’d love to chat it up, exchange stories and we’ll laugh at all the ridiculousness.

    One time we had a private viewing appt for a house and as we arrived and started touring we went into the bathroom… The owner (who was in the next room) apparently just blown up the bathroom and hadn’t had the decency of spraying! Nasty! People are simply amazing. and stupid.

    Another house we were supposed to buy went into a bidding war. We offered a SIGNIFICANT (=college tuition for both of their kids) increase above what the other buyer was offering. They still declined our offer b/c the other guy’s Mom lived next door. Stupid for them. Their loss. They’ll regret it.

    I know that this process sucks, but try to keep your chin up and don’t stress too much. It’ll happen and it’ll be a better house than this one. The rest will work itself out. You’re blessed with a beautiful family that loves you and that’s all that matters.


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