Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 23, 2010

time flies…

So, why is it that the pedal gets pushed to the medal once you have kids.. it seems like weeks and months just fly by!  When you’re pregnant everyone always says, “enjoy it, it goes so fast.”  And you smile and think to yourself, “yeah, whatever.”  Only to realize later, that IT IS TRUE!

It doesn’t seem fair… once you have something in your life that really makes you want to stick around and BE PRESENT.. to see every moment waking and otherwise..the fast forward button gets pressed.

Of course, there are days when I think.. sweet Lord can it please be bedtime because if I don’t get these kids down RIGHT NOW I’m going to lose it and it will NOT be pretty… but even during those times, you can’t help but kiss their little eye lids once they are sleeping and stare at them, wondering what they’re dreaming about (of course, after thanking God that they are asleep)!

Maddie has really been a pip lately.  Such a strong sense of opinion and major sass-of-attitude.  She certainly comes by it honestly.  Although she oftentimes renders me absolutely stunned by the things she comes out with.  This morning I caught her kicking Joel in bed.  I don’t think she wants to do him harm, per say, I just think she’s curious and maybe likes to make him cry… just a little bit.

We’ve been having so much fun this summer going on all types of adventures together- lots of trips to the beach, library programs, and hanging with friends.  It’s nice to sort of have a lazy summer with nothing pressing to do and no appointments to keep.  I like it!


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