Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 21, 2010

Summer time.. and the living is easy?


Sorry friends and dear readers for my absence. I hate to start off with all my blogs with , “it’s been crazy..” but… well, it’s been crazy!

In June we had Joel’s baptism. It was beautiful. Amazing friends and family. The caterer (Guy Anthony’s of Merrick) did an amazing job on the food and it was plentiful (us Italians are always nervous about running out of food). All told, we had about 70 people and a few family members that came in from out of town which we are very grateful for. Of course, Joel made out like a bandit the lucky duck!

In between planning a party for 70 people, and the usual beginning of summer planning drama, we’ve been on the hunt for a house. What a process! I’m trying to get over the initial pant-shitting reaction that we are going to be seriously house poor and are pretty much sinking everything we have into the house. I know we really should do this… it’s just so damn EASY to rent.. to call someone else when something breaks (although, with our landlord, the phone calls really don’t mean anything.. ha ha) and to just deal with “basic” bills.

We will see what happens. It seems like we will be signing contracts soon!!!

Scary stuff


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