Posted by: dinainsuburbia | June 18, 2010


It finally happened… Maddie said something completely inappropriate to the lady at the bank.  Of course, with her fresh & smart mouth, it was bound to happen, right?  I could deal with cursing (cause I think it is cute), or any of her other smart-mouthed antics.. but this was the type of brutal honesty that kids have no internal sensor for, ’cause they haven’t learned it yet..

What did she do?  She called a lady at the bank fat.  To her face.  Her exact words?  “Mommy, that lady is too fat.”  WHAT THE FUCK!  I looked in, What to Expect the First Year to see if there was some kind of advise listed under “what to say when your kid completely embarrasses the shit out of you”; but there was nothing there!

My retort was, “nice Maddie, really nice”… and I grumbled an apology- but I still felt like a complete and utter asshole.  Now, I’m sure the lady knew she was fat.. she had to be over 300 lbs… not slim at all- but sweet Jesus… I wasn’t prepared for Maddie to just blurt something like that out!!!!

So parents, what would you have done or have said???? I still am scratching my head on this one!



  1. D. I’ve been there and it sucks. Vaughn pulled something like that (not sure if the person heard him or not), but I had a private conversation with him that people come in different sizes, shapes and colors and that is what makes everyone different and special. Not everyone can look beautiful on the outside but that they may be a very nice person and that’s waht matters. I explained that it is not a nice thing to say out loud that some one is Fat because it may hurt their feelings and that even if he thinks it, it’s not ok to say out loud. Once we had our talk and I explained it, I think it made sense to him. I just don’t think he realized that it was mean and hurtful to be on the receiving end. Hope this helps to prevent future outbursts.

  2. I second the “people come in different shapes and sizes” bit. Not sure about the “not everyone can be beautiful on the outside” part, because beauty is totally subjective. To someone who likes large women, the bank lady might be a total Venus.

    Just let her know that it’s not appropriate to comment on other people’s bodies to their face or otherwise since it can hurt their feelings.

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