Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 30, 2010

American Idiot

I had a rare child-free night out last night thanks to my cousin Christina… delicious dinner at Blue Water Grill in Union Square and then off to see American Idiot on Broadway.  That’s right- American Idiot, the new Green Day “rock opera” (hardly any dialog- more Opera than traditional Broadway show).

Now, I’m not going to lie… I have a very SUPER hard time understanding Billie Joe.. Hell, I pretty much can’t understand anything anyone sings ever beyond old-school crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  I don’t know why, but if the diction and enunciations aren’t spot-on, I just don’t “get it”.  As an aside, my husband thinks it is pretty funny that I am FOREVER botching lyrics.

For example, Bruce Springsteen’s Tenth Avenue Freeze Out?  Well, to me it sounds like “Dirt Devil in the Freezer”.  Or Foreigner’s Hot Blooded- instead of, “hot blooded, check it and see” I thought he was saying, “hot blooded, can’t get no sleep…” which, if you think of it- makes sense, no?

So really, I have a problem understanding what “rock” singers are saying.. so when I sat down to see American Idiot, even though I had listened to the album a few times.. had NO idea what the album was about.  And truthfully, after it was over I had that “what the heck did I just watch” feeling- sort of how I felt after watching Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise (did anyone ever get that?  I didn’t.. maybe I’m just a simpleton).

So, not really understanding the point I still really, really liked the show.  I thought the set design was interesting, I liked that the band was on-stage and part of the action, and I thought the choreography really brought something to the music.

Mostly, though, I felt really, really old.. old to be seeing one of my favorite bands’ music adapted for the Great White Way.

I think I’ve finally realized.. a few months away from 35… that I’m just not cool anymore.  Or at least, younger generations are certainly not going to see me as “cool”… I’m old, a mother, and more in tune to the new Laurie Berkner than Lady GaGa or who ever else is “big” on top 40.   Getting ready to go out means checking myself for spit up.. although I DO pride myself and doing my hair and a full-face of makeup every day.  I haven’t let myself go THAT far.. thank God.

So.. do YOU still feel cool?  Or old like me?

P.S.- Blue Water Grill was DELISH (and so was the waiter.. ummmm HOTTIE).. anyway- I’ve never been before- although walked past a gazillion times.  I really liked it.  Had a grilled tuna with Chinese broccoli and eggplant for a main course (tuna cooked super rare, of course) and a delicious sushi roll (although for the life of me cannot remember what it was that I had- could be the 2 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc… lushes).   We sat outside.. a perfect night for people watching… Nothing better- good company, good wine, good food, and good sightseeing.



  1. I feel old and cool. Is that allowed? My youngest and my husband both have American Idiot in their top ten favorite albums of all time. They’ll be jealous when I tell them you saw the show.

  2. It must be something that runs in families- I TOTALLY can barely understand musical lyrics (Jenna too). LMAO!!!:)

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