Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 26, 2010


So I had my weekly weigh-in on Sunday and I stayed the same.  It’s victory and defeat all at the same time.  I *think* I did *ok* this past week… but I can’t fully know for sure as some time around Thursday I fell off the tracking/journaling wagon.

Why is it so hard to journal?   I think it’s hard to be honest with ourselves… which leads me to wonder: why do we lie to ourselves about what we eat?  If no one is going to see our journal, why is it such a big deal to write everything down?  It must be because we don’t want to know ourselves.. that we want to stay ignorant of the real reasons why we are overweight or that we aren’t losing weight.

After all… the tools to losing weight are right there.  We need to KNOW what we are putting in our body and be mindful of it.

It seems to happen every time I lose a little bit of weight.  The compliments come on in and I think.. at least subconsciously to myself.. “that’s it, I GOT this… I’m DOING it”.. and then a piece of something here, a special treat there.. and the weight comes RIGHT back on at LIGHT speed.

My little victory is that I am almost down 10 pounds from where I started the end of January.  My pants are noticeable baggy now- and I DO feel better about myself… but there is more work to do.  I still want to wear a nice dress to Joel’s baptism and I WANT.. no, NEED to look back at those pictures and feel GOOD about myself…

So I need to get going, I need to get motivated, and I need to get HONEST!

You know.. I just thought that this whole blog could also apply to money.. about being honest and knowing what we spend our money on.  I know a lot of financial advisors suggest taking a week and writing down where we spend every penny.. that we could find a lot of wasted money on frivolous purchases (just like at weight watchers, they say those “bites, licks, and tastes add 1,000 calories/day).  But, so many people who are having financial difficulties, or those just trying to save, don’t want to write everything down.   They’ve convinced themselves that they’ve cut their expenditures down to the bone and there isn’t one wasted penny.

I think, for fun, I’m going to start a money journal, too.  After all… when does having extra money to save hurt?  Never.. that’s when!

Anyone into a food/money journal challenge?


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