Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 18, 2010

The verdict is in…

Journaling DOES work… I’m down 2.4 pounds this week!!! I’m completely psyched.. moreso because I KNOW what I did this week that caused me to have a successful outcome… I tracked, I had the food in the house that I needed, and I stepped up the exercise with a lot more walking and doing little things, too- like making sure I parked far from places instead of close.  I suppose all those things together got me a weight loss that I’m super happy with this week!  Yippie!

More, we even went out to eat twice this week- once to a local seafood joint and once out to sushi (Liki Sushi in Amityville is DELISH!!!).  I limited myself to one “fancy” roll- you know, those $12 deals with all the good sauces (I’m sure fattening/caloric as hell)- but I was HONEST about it- I gave myself about 6 points for that roll (for a comparison, a regular 6 piece tuna maki is 2).

For the seafood place I had a mussel in red sauce app and I shared king-crab legs with Maddie.  Both are low-point choices that I felt good about- not deprived at all.

So.. there it is.  I had a great week and I feel super motivated!


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