Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 12, 2010

Pantry Raid

Another important aspect of a successful weight loss is having a pantry stocked with the foods you need to succeed.  You might be thinking.. Duh… of course- common sense!  But you have no idea how many times “red flag” foods find their way into the house OR it’s 9:00pm, I want something sweet and there is nothing but Maddie’s ice pops in the house.

Last night I took my newly-motivated self to the supermarket sans children and, taking my time, stocked up on all the foods I need:  sugar-free jello (no points), Thomas’ bagel thins (1 pt), chive low-fat cream cheese (1 pt per tablespoon), grapes, navel oranges, etc., etc.

I’m excited.. I feel like I’m taking action and responsibility and this time could be THE time I do it!



  1. Those new Thomas Bagel Thins rock!!! We eat them in my house and they taste soooo good!

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