Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 10, 2010

passive aggressive

I had a whole conversation with my brother yesterday weighing the pros and cons of social media like Facebook.  He said he was sick of the relationship with his girlfriend being viewed like a reality TV show (it’s those darn status changes.. now single, now in a relationship, now single.. sweet Jesus if you can’t make up your mind, leave that one blank!).

I suppose it all depends on how much you use Facebook or how much you “let people in” to your live via updates, etc.  I’m probably on the fence- I do status updates, post pictures of my kids, etc., but I don’t use my status updates to expound on every aspect of my life.  There are, however, people that do.

It seems that all this social media- hell, media of any type:  texting, emails, facebook, blogging- has cast a wide net while at the same time drawing us away from social interaction.  If you are upset at someone you can text, email, or facebook update.  Gone are the days of speaking on the phone, or *gasp* face-to-face.  How many times have you seen a group of teenagers or early-20s- kids all “hanging out” together with their faces in their iPhones and Droids?  Shit- I’m guilty of it too!  When that alert goes off- the need, the pull, to see what’s on your phone is like the strongest drug.  I dare say it’s an addiction.

But, what is this doing to our ability as humans to have meaningful social interactions with people?  If we take all the “uncomfortable” out of relationships such as talking out problems face-to-face, fighting, etc., what  makes the good times sweet?


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