Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 7, 2010


Maddie’s been off from school all this week (darn Catholic schools- why do they need to give the kids so much time off for the most holy of holidays- tee hee).  At 3 1/2 years old, she’s full of energy (cause, well who isn’t at that age) and we need to get in lots of running around/active time or else she goes crazy (and I almost go postal). 

Thankfully I have the numbers of her classmates so we’ve been doing lots of play dates (GOD how I LOATHE the term playdate it’s so completely and utterly, well, suburban).  Yesterday we were in the park for almost 4 hours which was great ’cause I got Maddie and Joel to go to sleep by 8pm (a rarity- usually they both hold up until 10pm which blows balls). 

What I’ve noticed is that I’m not a “normal” kind of parent.. I don’t “hover” over Maddie and follow her around the park.  I keep a safe distance, allow her to have her freedom, and make sure she isn’t beating the crap out of another kid, throwing rocks, or doing any other dangerous activity- like running into traffic, etc.  You catch my drift? 

Other parents?  Not so much.  They are up their kids’ asses!  I mean, how the hell are kids supposed to feel secure in this world if they are never given the opportunity to be free?  I just do my best to not give Maddie a complex that she “can’t” do this or that.  Sure, certain death-defying feats she performs on the playground have me wincing.. but to date, she still has all her appendages.. so I guess we’re doing OK.

So, what kind of parent are you?  Hovercraft or not?



  1. I have to admit, I’m still hovercrafting (or helicoptering as some folks call it) because Tobin’s still mastering the walking/running thing and is on to the climbing thing. I *have* to follow him onto the jungle gym he insists on climbing because there are a few gaps in it that he could fall through (and some are pretty high), but I still let him climb it. I just make sure I’m there to snag an ankle when he tries to hurl himself down the sliding board head-first.

    I’m really glad you posted this, b/c this is a question I’ve been wanting to ask other moms of toddlers at the playground, but haven’t had the chance. At what age are you usually comfortable sitting on the bench and just watching them do their thing?

    Tobin’s still a little too young to understand really specific commands like “stay inside the fence” and gets so excited about what he’s doing that he tunes me out sometimes. Do they start listening to commands better around 2ish? That seems to be the age where the moms start chillaxing.

    The jungle gym on the toddler side of the playground is labelled for kids 2-5 years old, but it still seems like some of the gaps are pretty high off the ground even for kids that age. When he’s closer to 2, I think I’ll feel comfortable just standing next to it rather than following him onto it.

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