Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 8, 2010

Family of Four

And just like that, we’re a family of four (today being our 5-week anniversary of being such).  I apologize for not writing about my experience sooner, but you know I DID just give birth so cut me some slack, OK?

So- here are the details…

My c-section was scheduled for 11:00AM on December 4th.  I was told I had to be there by 9:30 AM- and of course, we were a little late (what else is new).  My mom came by to watch Maddie (no children under 18 allowed in the hospital due to the whole swine flu thing) and off to the hospital we went, arriving about 15 minutes late.

We went straight to admitting (by the way- we had no idea where we were going as we didn’t take the “hospital tour”- oh how baby #2 is different- all the things you just don’t do) and they had our paper work ready- I signed my life away (basically) and then we were escourted up to labor & delivery.  We sat in the waiting room of the labor & delivery floor for about 45 minutes… my doc came out to say “hi”.. and then I was called in to “holding”.  The holding room was basically like the triage room I was in before I had Maddie.   There I changed into the gown (so not flattering) and got grilled with a gazillion questions; they got my IV hooked up (not that bad this time) and put the monitors on for contractions and the baby’s heartbeat.

I was in holding for about 40 minutes when the nurse came in and threw the scrubs at John and told him to suit-up… completely surreal.  Once he was ready, I hopped a ride in the wheel chair down a floor to where the ORs were.  It was super weird, walking into the OR and sitting up on the table…. waiting for the anesthesiologist to do his “thing” was completely strange, and slightly painful.  It is way easier to get an epi during labor than a spinal when you aren’t in any pain.. strange, huh?

In what seemed like 5 minutes, we heard cries and , “it’s a boy!”  We seriously didn’t believe it.. a boy!!!!  After which I think the anesthesiologist gave me something that sort of made me out of my mind- so I sort of fell asleep while they were finishing up and didn’t really come to until I was being lifted onto a bed and transported to recovery.

My recovery was great- much easier than my emergency c-section with Maddie.  I was sitting up and in a chair the night of Joel’s birth, and walking to the bathroom in less than 24 hours…. I think limiting my diet to whatever the hospital gave me and walking the halls at night when I couldn’t sleep really aided in my recover- even though both were sort of annoying!  By the time I got home I was walking up and down the stairs no problem and was completely off pain meds.

Having 2 children is crazy.. it’s hard to find time to do anything (case in point, I started writing this blog 2 weeks ago and just got around to finishing it).. I’m coming down with some type of weird cough, probably due to lack of sleep.  My immune system is shot.  Joel’s a pretty easy baby- he sleeps a lot.. he doesn’t get many fussy moments (but his witching hour is a doozie!).

I think, 5 weeks later, we’re pretty much falling into the swing of things.  Maddie is back to school 3 days a week (although STILL coughing- she’s been coughing since Thanksgiving but isn’t contagious anymore.. think it is time to consult an allergist) and she’s relishing her role as a big sister.  When she doesn’t see Joel around she asks for him, she already knows he’s a part of the family and she is the big sister and keeps tabs on him.  It’s so cute!

I just want to give a shout-out to the staff at Good Samaritan hospital in West Islip- honestly everyone I came into contact that day were amazing… caring… and just really sweet.  I felt like I was in super good hands the entire time I was in the hospital (some times I wish I could go back- it was an awesome vacation!).  If you’re getting ready to give birth there… don’t worry- they’ll be there for you!



  1. I don’t think you’ve posted any pics of baby Joel yet!? congratulations!

  2. PS- glad you liked Good Sam!! I’ll be there in a few months

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