Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 31, 2009

farewell 2009…

I know I haven’t posted in forever… I’ve been so busy with our newest addition (Joel Robert, born December 4th) that I haven’t had the time to post.   I did, however, want to take the little time I do have to reflect on 2009.  Not so much for you, dear readers, but for myself.

The year 2009 started off pretty sucky, like it did for many other people; my husband was recently laid-off from a job he was kicking ass at (his former employer decided that they needed to cut heads, and his head was on the chopping block, even though his sales territory was UP from the previous year- makes sense to cut your money maker, right?  Duh) and we were faced with the prospect of my husband trying to find a job amongst the rest of Americans also trying to find work (and, sadly, many of them are still trying to find a well-paying job).  While it was a very, VERY scary time- my husband really put himself out there, becoming a mastermind of all things networking; he never sat on his ass in the house feeling sorry for himself (although he of course had an occasional self-pity moment) but did every thing he COULD do to get a job.

While he was looking for employment, we took the ultimate leap-of-faith and continued with our efforts to have a second baby.  A lot of people thought we were crazy- to attempt to bring another child into our family with no certainty of employment probably wasn’t the best idea we’ve ever had- but we just had faith that whatever happened, it would happen because it was supposed to happen.  And so, we forged ahead.

Ultimately it turned out to be a wise decision; with all the medical help we needed to conceive Joel, it would’ve been impossible to do so while John was employed.  Many weeks we had 2 or 3 doctor appointments- I don’t know how people with jobs do it without losing their jobs or putting their “fertility story” on the table.

In March, right before Easter (Holy Thursday, I’ll never forget) we got the news that I was, indeed, pregnant.  We were all guarded that the pregnancy was going to take- but I couldn’t help but take it as a divine sign that all would be OK…. getting pregnant right around the holiest days of the Catholic faith.  That Easter John was baptized and I was confirmed at the Easter Vigil- it was beautiful and poignant- especially knowing our “little secret”.  After the Easter Vigil mass concluded, John & I had a Catholic marriage ceremony- it was almost as if the beginning of our family of four started that night as we took our vows at the alter, in front of our family.

Finally, in June, John got a job.. but not just a job- a career… in food- a household name brand- exactly what he’s wanted to do.. within an easy commute to our house, it seemed like the position was heaven- sent.  Who knows, maybe it was.  He’s been happy at this position, and his co-workers and bosses all seem to love him- and for this we are so thankful, especially knowing how many are out there still seeking work.

2009 hasn’t been without its stresses though; there have been many times I’ve been completely scared out of my mind- the economy being what it is has taken it’s toll on a lot of family members.

Two weeks before Joel was born, my family found out that my grandfather was very ill.  The news came as a huge shock- not even a week before my grandfather was visiting and I had put him and my grandmother to work- hanging curtains and the valance in Joel’s nursery.  He seemed OK- doing puzzles with Maddie, hanging out, joking around, etc.. So to get the news that he was so horribly sick was so unexpected.

So it was bitter sweet when Joel was born- we were overjoyed- a boy! – completely unexpected… but sad that my grandparents couldn’t be with us in New York to celebrate.

Here is hoping that 2010 is a better year for everyone- for my family and especially my grandfather.. I hope the faith that carried me through 2009 will be even stronger in 2010.. and the God that always comes through, will come through again!


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