Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 20, 2009

it’s all coming together, or falling to pieces….

Ugh.. what a week.  It’s Friday eve and I just can’t wait for Saturday to hurry up and GET here already.

Maddie has come down with some strange, viral cough that’s making its way through school-age children everywhere; every kid at the doctor’s office yesterday was hacking a lung.  Not pretty.  At the night, the cough turns nasty… croup-ish.  You know, all barking seal.  As I type I hear her barking away; before you call CPS, she’s with her Daddy.. I’m not neglecting her!

She’s been on the nebulizer every 4 or 5 hours since Tuesday night.  It seems to be of some help, although I wish there was something I could give her to make the frequency of her hacking just slightly less, for her sanity and for mine.  For a kid that’s coughing every, say, 17 seconds, she’s in pretty good spirits.  She’s still playing, insisting on dressing up and changing outfits.  She’s missed school Wednesday and will miss again tomorrow… I feel a little bad for her- but I don’t want to be “THAT” mother that sends the kid to school hacking.   After all it’s pre-school.. she’s not going to miss anything life-changing.

Had two doctor appointments this week… one perinatologist, one OB.  The peri is switching me off the Lovenox and onto twice-daily Heparin injections.  Apparently Lovenox stays in the system longer, and wouldn’t allow me to get a spinal for the c-section… nice.  We’re all a little bit nervous since I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and had Maddie at 36 weeks, 4 days.  Everything that started to happen with Maddie is happening again; my blood pressure is starting to creep up and my hands/feet are starting to swell.  I have an appointment with my OB on Monday- I’ll have done a 24-hour urine collection Sunday through Monday to check for toxemia… hopefully everything will be OK.  Tuesday I visit the peri to learn how to shoot myself with the Heparin.

The good news is the baby is big- mid 6 pounds.. already a pound on its sister at birth.  I saw from the sonogram earlier this week that the baby is also starting to practice breathing.  Another good sign.

Of course, now I feel like I’m starting to come down with whatever Maddie has (it sure doesn’t help that we’ve all been sleeping in the same bed, right)?

In between all of this Maddie has her first dentist appointment on Monday (hopefully she’ll have stopped hacking) and on Wednesday we’re supposed to go see the new Disney Princess movie in NYC- The Princess and the Frog. Afterwards we’re going to the Roseland for a “Disney Princess” experience.   Hopefully the whole thing will be worth the $50/ticket.

There are some last minute odds-and-ends that have to get done in the nursery.  I went through all the clothing I had from Maddie and pulled whatever was gender neutral.. if this baby is a boy major shopping will have to take place!  There is still nothing on the walls- hopefully John will address that this weekend (the never ending honey-do list).

Of course Thanksgiving is in the middle of this too.. might as well just keep piling it on, right?

On top of all the baby/health/Maddie stuff, I’m sort of in the middle of some type of friend crisis.. or, a crisis on my part.  Who knows, it could be my current emotional state, but I’ve been so sad about this all week.  And angry.  It is the disappointment of thinking you had one kind of friend, and then realizing you had another.  I feel like I’m walking around with a black pit in my stomach that makes me want to alternate between cursing out and crying.. so I’ve done neither.  I suppose it’s just best to leave the whole thing alone and see what happens.  If this person does eventually “come around” I’ll have to figure out what to do then.. to start the cycle again, and let this person back into my life… or not.  I just can’t help but think a real friendship shouldn’t be this difficult.  Or painful.

If I don’t write for a few days- then assume I’ve given birth….  I’ll update when I can.


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