Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday little monster!

Yesterday was Maddie’s third birthday.  Three years of having wormed her way into our lives; winding her fingers around every aspect of mine and John’s being, there’s no way to go back to what we “once where”, (whatever that ‘once was’ actually was- I have a hard time imagining what my life could have possibly been like without her).

Sure, the first few weeks of her life had me mourning the loss of mine, unprepared for the unbelievable change that is required to go from “me first thinking” to “baby first thinking”; it actually hurts a little.. emotionally, that is.  Looking back three years later, it’s almost a little comical- and has Maddie has been growing, I’ve been growing, too.  As a person, and of course as a mother.

Yesterday morning, Maddie leapt into bed with me -snuggling in for a few precious minutes of squirm-free cuddle time.  I thought about how I could stay like that forever.. just laying with her in our own little “world”- listening to the sound of her breathing… petting her head.  One day she’ll probably give me the brush off, right?  In a few weeks, our little world will have one more- a demanding infant forcing itself into our world.. me, John, and Maddie… I *think* she’ll be OK… but you can never really be that prepared for a family addition.. and none of us even know this little stranger, yet.

Maddie has grown so much this year- going to pre-school and finally LIKING it (yes, I’m happy to report NO MORE TEARS) and she’s pretty much fully potty trained now (I’d say 75%- she still wears pull-ups at night).  You know, she wound up really potty training on her own- after all my pushing her, all the angst and the fear that she would , indeed, be the first child to go to college in diapers- she did it when SHE was ready.. which is really what EVERYONE said..

Of course, I think my daughter is the most beautiful, smartest, toddler to walk to the Earth- I’m sure I’m biased, but I’m sure blessed that she picked us to be born to!



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