Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 16, 2009


Is culminations even a word?  I highly doubt it- but whatever.

I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant- hence the dwelling on all things culminating.  Not only will this pregnancy be coming to an end, but our little family of three will also be coming to an end.

Now, of course not all endings are bad- but I think this will be bitter sweet.  We’ll be forced back into the days of hauling tons and tons o’ baby gear with us every where we go:  Infant car seat, snap & go, diaper bag filled with diapers, burp cloths, change of clothing, blanket, all manners of ointments and topicals, and not to mention some type of storage/travel for the formula (no I’m not breastfeeding so back off).   It seems so EASY with Maddie- I keep a clean shirt/pant combo in the car for her- God Forbid- and a few diapers (because, NO my almost three-year-old is NOT potty trained- back off on that too, while your at it, potentially judgmental blog reader).  Anything else we need can easily be gotten at any local 7-11 (such as juice, snacks, sedatives.. ha ha).

I feel a little bit guilty about dwelling on this- for sure I didn’t feel this way with Madeline because I, quite stupidly, didn’t know any better.  I didn’t realize the beginning of a child’s life causes the mother to deal with night sweats (from all the pregnancy hormones evacuating the body), the “baby blues” (otherwise known as- I feel like I’m fucking crazy, God help me), and the fact that you’re severely sleep deprived (ever wonder why they just didn’t make the Gitmo detainees take care of  a bunch of newborns.. serious. fucking. torture). 

I also didn’t realize that I would be in Babies R Us every 13 seconds- an occurance I am HOPING to avoid this time around.  I don’t know if it’s just the  Babies R Us by me- but the fucking lines in that place.  SERIOUSLY!

Maddie will be turning 3 in two weeks- more of a big-kid than a baby at this point (if only she’d potty train).. she’s already started arguing with me.. a character train I’m sure she’ll keep the rest of her life (to be sure, I have kept my argumentative nature, no?).

Her big birthday celebration is coming up in 2 weeks- a Disney princess party- I’m so excited.  I think we’re also going to take Maddie to American Girl Cafe in New York City- she wants a Chrissa doll, and from what I understand it’s the “doll of the year”- she won’t stick around forever- so I thought that could be a fun birthday present/experience for Maddie.  Granted- she’s totally spoiled, but I feel like I sort of HAVE to- it’s her last “single child” birthday!


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