Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 2, 2009

nursery school…

I haven’t posted about Maddie’s experience with nursery school yet as it is still an ongoing saga.  I knew the transition to nursery school was going to be super, duper tough.  Even though Maddie’s in the same room, and with the same teacher, she was in last year for the non-separation “2’s” class we did last year, nursery school has been a bit of a tough ride for Maddie.

We’re in our 3rd week and she still cries blood-curdling, you’re-killling-my-pet, screams; if I didn’t know the other mothers I’d be completely and utterly horrified.  I’m surprised no one has called the cops on us!  Of course I know the minute Maddie goes inside the classroom she settles down and gets right into an activity.  But damn, those 30 seconds (that seem like 30 years) of screaming cries break my heart every damn time.

I’m hoping we only have another week of this and then she’ll go in willingly.  I can’t imagine she’ll do this for the whole year (please God.. please don’t allow her to do this all year…).  It would be better if at least I could drink; take a shot of tequila before drop off or something.. damn this pregnancy!

And of course… the pregnancy.. I’m overwhelmed!  First- just the thought of having 2 kids makes me nervous enough to want to hide in the closet.  Worse, I’m having an attack that nothing is done.. nesting anyone?   I don’t think I went into nesting mode with Maddie, but this time around the need for order is compelling me and pissing me off.  Of course, John doesn’t “get it”… and since nothing was done before Maddie was born, and we survived, I’m sure he doesn’t have the same sense of urgency I do.  But, for the love of god, I just want the nursery set up already!

I had this genius idea to do a wall of letters, but instead of the first name, to do the entire alphabet.  This seems to have been a lofty goal; to date, I only have 4 letters (B, L, Q and V to be exact) and the only craft store by my house sucks wang.  I can’t believe the closest Michaels and AC Moore is like 15 miles away.  Ummm… this is Long Island, right? 

Here’s a list of all the other shit.. um stuff.. I need but do not have:

  • bedding
  • sheets
  • changing pad covers
  • bins to go under the changing table I bought
  • new burp cloths (the though of using old ones sort of disgusts me)
  • a hamper
  • new nipples for the glass bottles I used for Maddie
  • some type of bassinett or moses blanket or something for new arrival to bed down in- am I the only one that hated that darn co-sleeper?
  • frames for artwork (using bits & pieces of Maddie’s finger paintings, school projects, etc.)
  • those fucking alphabet letters

It seems like a lot, no?  Or maybe it isn’t THAT much… but when outlined in a list, is enough to make me want to crawl into a ball and hibernate.  Shit.

Anyone want to volunteer and help my ass figure this all out?



  1. I know you hated the Alphabet cards you used for Maddie or rather found them just too difficult to stick to the wall, but have a look at our cut out letters. I will email you a jpeg. I can’t promise that they are any easier to put up but they are very cute. Unless you still want to make your own.

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