Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 22, 2009

musings on health insurance

OK, so we’re all a little sick of hearing about health insurance… I totally get it.  The issue of health insurance is certainly in the forefront of the national psyche right now- of course, for good reason- it’s completely messed up.

I understand people are afraid of change- that’s basic psychology.. but the current system, as we know it, is just broken.  I think the whole thing should be chucked and we should throw insurance out the window as they are really the root of the entire problem (’cause really, should health be a ‘for profit’ industry?  I think not).

But, my thoughts and feelings on the subject isn’t what this blog is about (although, I AM totally for a public option- it’s necessary).  What this blog IS about is the waste and inefficiencies within the health care and health insurance system.

Dealing with health insurance has become almost a full-time job.  I’m in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy at the same time my husband came into a new job and off COBRA and into a much, much worse policy thanks to his new employer.  Of course, this policy drove me nuts, because we have no choice but to take it.. and it has a very high deductible before anything but basic preventative care if paid for.  This policy also has no out-of-network benefits.. so we’re basically stuck with the doctors THEY say we can see.

Anyway, because of the high-risk pregnancy, and the fact that my perinatologist is out-of-network, I was allowed to stay on the COBRA policy by myself.  Although, getting to this was a long, hard road.  It was completely difficult to get anyone at the COBRA administration company to do anything for me; most service associates answered questions off the top of their heads without doing any research, or they passed me off to the “correct department” so they didn’t have to deal with me (in quotes because the correct department really isn’t ever correct).

The situation as to what I was supposed to do changed at least 2 or 3 times:  first that we had to stay on COBRA as a family, or my husband had to die, or we had to get divorced.. then it was I could stay on it by myself (which is what eventually happened) even though I wasn’t the original policy holder. 

Without rehashing every single phone call, discussion, email and fax that was made.. the point is, there is SO much waste- so much bureaucracy… so much paper pushing that is completely and totally a waste and ineffective because MOST people don’t know what they are doing.  There has to be a way to cut this waste and save money.. some how.


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