Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 11, 2009

of grandpa’s and PTAs

My husband sprung a last-minute work dinner on me… not only did I have to scramble for something to wear (because really- being gigantically pregnant I have SOOO many options) I also had to scramble for a sitter.

My mom had a gig- so she was out.  My step-mom had a date with her girlfriends.  My step sister is about to pop at any moment- all I need is her watching my kid and then having her go into labor… seriously, she can go at any second.   So that left me with my dad and my step dad.. both excellent choices- but I’ve never used either one of them without their respective spouses. 

In the end, I went with my Dad.  I totally sprung it on him last minute- like 3pm (“Dad- um, can you come over and watch the baby from 6.30-9.30?).  Thankfully my step mom was out- so it’s not like he had anything better to do or a hot meal waiting for him at home.  For the price of one small salad and a stuffed shells from the local pizza place he was all mine ($16- SCORE). 

You know what- it went really well- and it made me really happy when Maddie was sad that Grandpa had to go home (because, you know she was still up when I got home at 9.30- great)… I want her to be able to hang out with her grandpa.. When I was her age, my maternal grandpa was my absolute favorite in the world.. I think having that type of figure in her life is so important… it was for me!  When my dad left she said to me, “mommy, call grandpa on the phone and get him back!”.. it was the cutest EVER!

This morning, I had Maddie’s pre-school orientation… wow- pre-school!  Where did the time go?  How did my little 5 pound 13 ounce peanut turn into a loud-talking, ready-to-go-to-school, three year old?  Who hit the damn fast forward button the minute she took her first breath?  It’s just not FAIR!

Anyway-orientation was great.. I already know a lot of the other moms (and children) from last year’s two-year-old program… making it a little less scary for me AND Maddie!  Maddie’s teacher vows to help me get her potty training under control (thank God) and everyone else just seems completely cool!  I even signed up for the PTA!  Yikes!



  1. Love that story!!!!! JIMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

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