Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 9, 2009

potty purgatory

We’re totally in potty purgatory right now.  Maddie knows what to do- understands the signs of when she has to go.  Sometimes she goes on the potty… sometimes she doesn’t.

I think that the training pull-up pants are nothing more than glorified diapers.  She makes no attempt to even bother not peeing in them.  Their only good is that they are A) princess designed and B) turn purple when she wets (great.. so I know when to change her- means nothing to her).

She is completely freaked out about making a poop on the potty- but when she goes in the diaper she wants to see it (um, is she bonding with it)… I tell her that if she wants to see her poops then she has to go on the potty. 

Of course, pre-school starts Monday and she isn’t trained- although she is supposed to be.  We know the teacher, so I know she won’t kick Maddie out and will probably be more of a help with training than I am (after all, she’s done this before, right?).. what makes it worse is like every single other kid in the class is trained.  Great- I feel like a total failure…. I can feel the stares now, “what’s wrong with her that she couldn’t train her kid?”

Hopefully we’re JUST around the corner from training… I HOPE!!!



  1. I was not looking forward to potty training my son (and did not have a clue). My friend (thank you Debbie!) kept talking about a free site with a great method. I worked it, and it worked! OMGosh- I could not believe my ears when my son said “I gotta go potty”. Highly recommended! It is I am also would like to hear what others have to say. Thanks, Amber

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