Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 24, 2009

technological difficulties…

Not sure if you’ve notice- but I haven’t been posting any pictures lately.  I haven’t posted pictures ’cause I cannot upload any of my photos to my laptop because.. well.. after about 6 years my laptop is FULL!!!! 

Yup, that’s right- thanks to thousands of media files (photos, songs, videos) my hard drive has reached it’s maximum capacity.  At first I was thinking I had to get a new laptop.. but seriously, with bean #2 on its way, plunking down $1k for a macbook really isn’t in the cards right now.

Thankfully I found someone very, very highly recommended and reasonable to replace my hard drive and transfer my data; hopefully I’ll have my revamped powerbook back soon!

Once I do, I’ll post some photos of what’s been happenin’ recently!


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