Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 20, 2009

waiting room

Oh, how I loathe thee, OB/GYN doctor’s waiting room.  Your chairs are uncomfortable, and not nearly plentiful enough; they are also too close together, allowing me to get a nasty whiff of my neighbor, just in from a smoke (thanks for stinking out the waiting room filled with pregnant women, you idiot).  The TV is never tuned to a good channel, and you don’t offer any magazines to read, while I languish for over an hour for my appointment.

I might like you better if I didn’t have to spend so much time with you.  I don’t understand why I have to wait until 11:45 for a 10:30 appointment.  I don’t even know why the doctor calls them appointments, more like, “rough estimation of when I *might* get to you, but will, in all likely hood, be much, much later.” 

I also don’t understand why every single woman has to bring her “people” with her to the OB/GYN… now, I understand maybe your 1st OB appointment and maybe your last OB appointments… but every fucking OB appointment?  One woman had her mother, her sister and her sister’s kid with her.  Is that REALLY necessary?  Is it really necessary for you to take up 4 of 20 seats in a waiting room- 3 of which filled with people that aren’t seeing the doctor?

I wouldn’t have to peseverate on the other waiting room peeps if the doctor would just KEEP HIS SCHEDULE.  Or, at least have a magazine or two available, so I can mind my own business and not have to have fuck-you conversations with “Ms. Bring-Her-Whole-Family” or “Mrs. I-smell-like-a-dirty-ashtray.” 

That’s right waiting room- I HATE you… see you in four weeks!



  1. I SO HEAR YOU!!!!!!! This is my pet peeve….Husbands and families that come for every f*&^ing appt.!! UGH!!! Hang in there babe, you’re halfway done already!!!!:) love u

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