Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 19, 2009

hump day is fight day…

It’s not even 1:00 PM and yet I’ve been battling all darn day.  It started this morning with Maddie; apparently she’s a big girl now and completely into asserting her independence.  These assertions have to do with everything and anything; any reason for a “no” is reason enough for her.

This morning she came into the bathroom while I was showering and turned on the cold water, thus scalding me with hot water.  I don’t know why she all of the sudden developed some OCD about hand washing, but she has.  And wash she does, constantly- choosing the most inopportune time to do so.

So there I was in the shower, (and really, showering SO not relaxing, one ear constantly out of the curtain trying to hear what is going on).. and all the cold water was sucked out by the sink- leaving me to burn.  I said, “Maddie- you’re burning me, shut the hot water!”  That was enough to send Maddie into a 1 1/2 hour no/opposite mood- only saying or doing the opposite of everything I asked.

I hauled my wet self out of the shower, shut the sink water- creating small pools on the floor as I did- and put Maddie in time-out, against the wall in the hallway.  I finished up my shower listening to Maddie’s cries and wails… adding to the relaxing atmosphere of my piping hot shower.

When I was finished, I asked Maddie to say sorry for not listening.. and she said, “NO, I am NOT saying sorry to you.. YOU made me CRY!”  Unbelievable… so I have to argue with my almost-3-year-old! I seriously don’t have the energy for it- especially not on a 90 degree + day!



  1. Just wanted to say that your posts are like reading the details of my own daily life and stuggles. I have a 2 year old son and he’s totally…um let’s just say asserting himself lately. I feel for you and thanks for making me laugh. Keep up the great work! From another burbs mom.

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