Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 4, 2009

for those about to rock

Friday night John and I had a date night- we went to see ACDC at Giant Stadium.  The show was amazing- ACDC put on a great show.  We kept cracking up cause Brian, the lead singer, is my dad’s age.  I just kept picturing my dad up there rocking out and was laughing my ass off. 

Ever since John & I started dating I always said if ACDC came back around I HAD to go see them- and they certainly didn’t disappoint, playing all their big mega-hits:  TNT, The Jack, Dirty Deeds, Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, etc.  Angus rocked an 8 minute solo at the end of the show that was sick- and then they shot off some kick-ass fireworks- a major surprise.

Next concert: Bruce Springsteen- the last concert tour at Giant Stadium before they blow it up- a fitting tribute, right?  Totally excited to see Bruce- although I’m going to be MAJORLY preggers by then. Scary!


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