Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 31, 2009

baby face

Had a perinatologist appointment and was totally surprised to get a 4-D sonogram along with the regular sonos I always get.  It was such a different, surreal experience.  As if I was peeking into a world I really wasn’t supposed to see.  Just to see the little one’s button nose- well, it really made this whole pregnancy more “real” for me.

I sorta feel that sometimes this little one is getting the shaft.. I don’t really pay attention to being pregnant like I did with Maddie (well obviously I pay attention considering I have AM and PM medications to take).. but you know what I mean. 

It seems Maddie is totally psyched about this baby too- she’s taken the 4D photos of “the baby’s face” as she puts it- and has hidden them in a shoe box in her dresser.  How sweet!  She walks around saying that she’s going to teach the baby to play her keyboard and they are going to lay together on a princess blanket. 

It’s funny, through the 15? 16? months of trying for this little one, I guess God really knew what was going on- ’cause I can’t imagine Maddie handling a new baby as well as she is now.  If this happened sooner, it probably would’ve been more for her to take- she probably wouldn’t be as excited or even able to understand what’s going on.  Now she seems completely into it, coming up to me and kissing my belly at random times. It melts my heart.

Of course, she is still 2 (she’ll be 3 when this little one is born) and her mood will probably most definitely change- especially when she realizes that the baby won’t do much than eat, cry, poop, and sleep (no keyboard playing right away). 

Without further delay-



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