Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 23, 2009

healthcare schmelthcare

I’m all for Obama.. or ANYONE for that matter overhauling health care.  Seriously, something needs to be done, and if you can’t admit that…, well then you have a problem.  Or you are retarded.

But seriously though, did Obama have to push Wipeout back an hour?  Fucker!  Did he not get the memo that I’m pregnant and I can’t stay up late?  I look forward to Wipeout every damn Wednesday, especially since it is the ONE program on television that me, John AND Maddie enjoy!  That’s right- watching people fall and in general, make asses out of themselves is a family obsession.

I’m actually quite pleased that Maddie thinks people falling down & hurting themselves is funny, too.  It’s a family trait!  Gotta love a 2 year old with a sick-ass sense of humor.  Yahoo!

In all seriousness… back to health care… you know what really pisses me off?  The commercial where the dude’s all like, “do you want the government standing between you and your doctor?”  I’m all like- isn’t there ALREADY someone standing between me and my doctor? The fucking insurance companies?  Don’t they make the most money out of anyone? 

People are running around all nervous that someone on capitol hill will be making life and death decisions about our health as if there isn’t already someone, somewhere… way up high in a corner office, making those decisions already.

I think what people – the “common folk” (or as Prez likes to call us, the Middle Class), political pundits, Obama, etc. needs to do is just kick health insurance companies in the balls.  IN THE BALLS!

Anyway- if I were a politician I’d say, “America, what we gotta do is, we gotta kick health insurance in the balls.”  Come on, how funny is that.


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