Posted by: dinainsuburbia | July 1, 2009

completely addicted

John and I are completely addicted to True Blood.  We recently started watching Season One on DVD (thanks to Netflix) and we hooked after the 1st episode.  It’s just a really, really good show.

I think central to the “goodness” is the tension between Bill and Sookie; I’m not going to spoil anything here- but if you haven’t given True Blood a chance, please do!  Each episode leaves us wanting more- and some scenes are so steamy hot they leave me panting!

I’ve come to the conclusion that, until my daughter is like 8 or 9 I won’t be able to really watch and enjoy movies.  They are just too long and I’m too tired at the end of the day to watch something for over an hour.  That’s what is great with  HBO/Showtime “shows”‘ – they’re an hour long.  Just long enough for me to pay attention with major plot to keep me entertained. 

We just got back from Sesame Street Place yesterday.  We spent two days and had a blast.  Maddie really tore the place up; she went on almost all the water rides (that she was allowed to go on by law) and was obsessed with the carousel.  What’s with it with kids and rides that go in circles?  Seriously- I went on with her and was ready to spew the bucket o’popcorn I consumed while walking around the park (sooo delish by the way and super salty).  I wonder what the age is where going around in circles goes from fun to puke inducing?  Twenty?  Older? Suggestions?

By the time we got home yesterday Maddie was in full-out Satan mode.  I kid you not- take the kid out of her routine for too long and the devil overtakes her.  I was ready to call the local priest for an exorcism; she was acting like a maniac- biting me, hiting me, and LAUGHING about it!  If that isn’t demonic, I don’t know WHAT is.

She did eventually calm down and we were able to hit our local sushi spot for dinner.  Can I just pause here and say how absolutely DEPRESSING it is to eat sushi while pregnant?  I have taken to putting spicy mayo on all the cooked rolls; that is how much I crave a spicy tuna roll!

Anyway- the Sesame trip was exactly what I needed; while not exactly relaxing, it did cool me out enough so that when I woke up this morning (faced with John’s return to work, my Peri appt, etc) I did NOT freak out, but got me & Maddie together in a calm, orderly fashion.

Maybe that freak-out attack from last week did the trick!


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