Posted by: dinainsuburbia | June 1, 2009

I’m coming out…

Of the pregnancy closet.  Of course, most of my family and closest family members already know… we aren’t really able to keep secrets, but I wanted to wait to come out on the blog until 12 weeks.

This morning John & I went in for the NT scan and thank God everything is looking normal.  We are due December 13th but will more than likely go a week early for a repeat c-section.

Since I did blog a few times regarding my fertility issues, I will share with you what worked this cycle vs. all the others. 

This last successful cycle I was on 1500 mg of Metformin to regulate my sugars and help egg quality. By the time I ovulated, I was about 3 months into taking the Metformin.  I say this as Metformin does have cumulative effects (or so I was told).  In addition to the Metformin, I was on Metanx- a “medical food” of folic acid, B6 and B12 vitamins.  Apparently, people with the blood clotting disorders I have are unable to convert synthetic folates into active folates that can be used by the body.  Metanx is an active folate.. and, lucky for me, not covered by insurance!

Of course, I cannot forget the Lovenox blood thinners, which I am still on, and which I fully attribute this cycle’s success on.  I will not lie- the Lovenox is a real bitch-the shots are progressively getting worse.. more and more painful and this morning I had to resort to icing down my stomach before injecting.  If the shots DO keep this baby healthy, then the shots are worth it.

To round out the pills- I also took a baby asprin and a pre-natal vitamin (the perinatologist just also added 1000mg of calcium… which are horse pills- sooo lucky).

This cycle I triggered on cycle day 11 and had two back-to-back AM IUIs on day 12 and 13.  I know I ovulated on day 13 (thanks to ovulation pain) so we “did the deed” that evening (I also noticed a lot of egg-white cervical mucus.. TMI I know).  I had two good sized follies on my left side and I was super nervous for twins.

The Monday before my first Beta I had brown and light pink spotting and cramping in my upper thighs (exactly mirroring normal pre-period cramps).  I really thought I was out and had a minor hissy fit, exclaiming that I was not going to go on with the treatments as it was negatively effecting my emotional state (which, it really was- props to all the ladies out there that have to do WAY more to get pregnant).  When I went in for the Beta that Wednesday morning, I fully expected to be “out” and was way surprised when the doc called and said it was positive.

My Betas went up nicely and I was released from my RE around 7 1/2 weeks to an Ob/GYN and a perinatologist that I am seeing every 2 weeks to monitor blood flow and potential clots.

I want to send a HUGE thanks and shout out to Dr. Braverman, the man that found all my issues and got me preggers… if you need a fert doc and live on Long Island, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him… his website is

Without further ado- a sonogram from this morning:




  1. That is AWESOME! Congrats!

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