Posted by: dinainsuburbia | May 26, 2009


I would be lying if I said we weren’t going through a tough, stressful time.  John’s job prospects aren’t looking great, although in his defense he has gotten WAY more interviews and response to his resume than many other laid-off people that I know.  The job market, and the economy in general, is just really, really slow.

Every once in a while the sense of panic starts creeping up and over takes me.  I really try to stay calm, because lets face it- having an anxiety attack isn’t going to solve anything.  But then I look at John, and I look at Maddie, and I know we are going to be OK.  We are going to come through this, and when we get to the other side, our marriage and our family is going to be stronger.

With that said, it really pisses me off when family members talk smack about my husband and my family.  If anything, they should be jealous- my husband never fails to help out- he is kind, generous, and caring.  He is self aware and completely selfless.  He does laundry and the dishes for goodness sakes!  He gives as much time to Maddie as he possible can without going insane.  So when I hear that certain family members of mine are suggesting he might not be looking for a job hard enough (when, in fact, his job IS looking for a job) or that he should take a job bagging at the supermarket… it pisses me off. 

It pisses me off AND depresses me, because families should build each other up and be there for each other.. not pull each other down.

I can’t wait until we come through this and prove all these haters wrong… then they’ll all be super jealous.



  1. Families hey, you can’t choose them my family or rather my mom is just the same always making out not trying to change the situation x

  2. yes, families say very dumb things at always the wrong times..believe me when i say it, i come from a wacky one..just ignore it…your hubby & daughter are more important…

    don’t let it get ya down


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