Posted by: dinainsuburbia | May 21, 2009

disaster avoided

Had our first almost-major crisis last night.  Maddie decided to ride her bike inside the house sans-helmet.  Okay, so not great parenting, I know- but damn it- she just jumped onto the bike and took off popping wheelies and doing donuts!  Alright, maybe she wasn’t popping and wheelies, but she was riding around in circles like a lunatic.

I’m trying to mind my own business and settle in for American Idol and I hear her crying…. I scooped her up into my arms and she buried her head in my chest.  I didn’t realize her eyebrow was gushing blood until about 2 minutes later.  She had a pretty nasty cut and I immediately feared a 4-hour emergency room visit was in our future.

Of course, with all the swine flu drama going on, I didn’t want to sit in the emergency room, nor did I want my husband or daughter sitting in it either- go in needing a stitch, come out needing some major medication.  Yuck.

Not knowing what to do, I called my mom- freaked out and brought my slightly- bleeding kid into the bar area of a local, rather fancy restaurant.. she was still wearing a tutu- I’m sure the patrons thought I was the local nut-job!  At that point, the cut stopped bleeding, and we all agreed a butterfly bandage and some chocolate would be better than stitches and whatever else the hospital would want to do with her (catscan?  who knows).

So, here’s my little girl with her butterfly “bandy”…. that’s enough drama for my week!



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