Posted by: dinainsuburbia | May 4, 2009


This weekend we enjoyed the seemingly 20 minute break in rain by heading over to the the Lindenhurst May carnival.  We always try to expose Maddie to the finest… carny-folk being no exception.  Our favorite was the overly enthusiastic middle-aged woman, with a borderline special-ed IQ, that tried to get the kiddies “fired up” to ride the mini coaster.  “Are you ready to ride?” she screamed at the little 3 and 4 year olds… they just looked at her blinking, and slightly afraid.  It was quite amusing, although I think the whole scene made Maddie swear-off the ride.

The only ride she WOULD go on was the cars.. YOU know those cars.  They’re probably the same ones they had at Nunley’s back in the day (sigh- how I miss going to Nunley’s and riding the carousel and trying to reach the brass ring).  No exaggeration though, the ride has to be from the ’60s- all the cars are super duper old school styled.   At first, Maddie didn’t want to go on the ride- she’d walk over to a car, we’d try to pop her in, and she’d go all stiff.  I love when she does that, really- it’s just so fulfilling… and it makes me feel so competent as a parent- especially when others are watching.  She did this about 2 times until another little girl let her sit with her, so she didn’t feel so alone.   After that, she wasn’t getting off, and proceeded to go around another 5 times… and she didn’t barf.  Wooohooo!


In other notable news, Maddie had her first bike wipe-out this weekend.  I don’t know what was worse- the fact that she wiped out, or the fact that I actually snapped a picture of the first wipe-out.  Of course, it totally runs in the family- laughing at other people when they fall… so I thought I’d save this one for the record books.


Come on… how cute is that curled out bottom lip.  Can you just die?  It is the same “major cry face” she’s made since out of the womb.  I wonder, is this the same “major cry face” she’ll make when faced with her first major disappointment?  (Boyfriend dumpage?  Fired from a job?  Or- mom and dad telling her she needs a job if she wants a car?  ha!)

Never fear- she cheered up right away- and I promise- I did go RIGHT to her after a few camera clicks- check out those dimples.





  1. OMG, I lol’d at this post!!!!! Does that make me a mean person?:)
    She is so damm cute!

    ps- I recently discovered you blog, and now Im addicted!:)

  2. Gorgeous pics–she just keeps getting cuter. Will it ever stop??

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