Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 29, 2009

heart strings

I’ve heard mothers lament about how, when dropping their child(ren) off at daycare, their heart breaks.  Their child(ren) cry, give them puppy eyes, or make them somehow feel like a shit sandwich because they don’t want to go to daycare.  I’ve (thankfully) never really felt badly about this as Madeline was really only watched by family her entire life, and Madeline never really cared- she loved hanging out with Grandma or Lucianie (my downstairs landlady when we lived in NJ). 

Until this morning.  Maddie really stuck it to me this morning.  She’s never, EVER,  cried when we drop her off to my mom’s house… but this morning she did- and it was horrible.  She begged to come with me; she gave me “the look”- you know, the kind of look that makes you feel like the worst parent in the world.  She made ME cry.  I’ve never gotten that upset over dropping her off… but it just really got to me. 

I’m sure after 5 minutes, and the promise of chocolate from the vegetable store, her mood improved… to be 2 years old and happy over chocolate- don’t you wish it could stay that easy?  Ha!


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