Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 24, 2009


Yesterday Madeline was surfing the net with daddy and came across a banner ad for a Chrissa doll.  Immediately she asked her father, “what’s that?”  He dutifully told her, it’s a Chrissa doll (I suppose that was her name shown in the advert).  Of course, the next words out of her mouth were the magical, “I want one.”

An hour later we dropped Maddie off at my mom’s house.  Already wise to the world with a full understanding of who does what she said, “Grandma, I want a Chrissa doll.”  My mother, playing the role of spoiling grandmother, immediately took Maddie to Toys R Us to look for Chrissa.  Nice.  Taken right out of the playbook, “how to spoil a child.”

Anyway- the Chrissa doll wasn’t to be had at Toys R Us.  Instead, Maddie took my mom for a Dora princess dress (another dang dress?) and a pocketbook (I was also obsessed with pocketbooks at her age.. the apple doesn’t fall far).  Not too bad a take for an impromptu trip.

Of course, my mother called to tell me Chrissa couldn’t be had at Toys R Us, which made me have to google it to see what the heck the Chrissa doll even was!  You know what it is? An American Girl doll… Yowzer.

Those American Girl dolls are money- Chrissa has a $95.00 price tag.  Not exactly a recession special.  So I made a deal with Maddie- she potty trains: pees, poos, and wears underwear… she can get Chrissa.  I’m thinking about printing out a picture of Chrissa and taping it to the bathroom wall as motivation.  I’m completely determined to get this kid potty trained by mid-summer!

Anyone have any tips (beyond Chrissa doll bribary?)….



  1. Ooooh – those American Girl dolls are a financial rathole!

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