Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 20, 2009

party central

Ah- a 60 degree Saturday.  It seems we’ve been waiting for the 60s for months.  Wait, we have been waiting for months, that whole winter thing.  You know everyone is completely stoked when 9 out of 10 facebook updates references the weather.  You gotta love modern technology- somehow, daily “updates” is supposed to be meaningful.  Some days I can’t even think of a good update save, “didn’t lose my shit today, 1 point for Dina.”

We had two parties on Saturday: a baby naming in Westchester and a surprise 30th birthday party one town over from us on Long Island.  It was a busy, crazy day.  I actually had to wake Maddie up to get her ready for the baby naming which started at 10:00am.  How we were all showered, dressed, and out the door by 9:00am still baffles me; I’m not sure, should we need to repeat the feat, we could.

In between the two parties, we treated Maddie to McDonalds.  She was super excited to get a happy meal- cheeseburgers are her fav.  As we were sitting in the booth, ravaging our hamburgers (Angus burgers for John & me), a woman came up to us and asked how old Maddie was.  Upon telling her 2 1/2, the woman said, “look at how she’s such a big girl, eating so nicely.  There’s something special about that child.”

It is nice to here those types of proclamations from strangers.  Of course John and I BOTH think there is something extremely special about Madeline- we’re her parents… but to hear it from a complete stranger, one who had never even interacted with Madeline?  It felt almost divine.  A confirmation that yes, what we feel about Madeline- emotions we can’t even begin to translate into language- is true and justified.  It was special.

The 30th birthday party was obviously in the evening… the atmosphere was dark and there was a DJ playing semi-current tunes (come on, can we go ONE party without hearing Meatloaf).  Madeline and her cousin Rhianna were totally the hit of the party- dancing, twirling, running, and laughing.  Is it wrong to feel almost jealous of their youthful innocence?  The ability to just have fun without worrying how you look or how others perceive you?  What is the age all that changes… 5? 10?   I hope it never happens for them.


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