Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 16, 2009

no love for lovenox!

I’ve posted before about lovenox.  I complained about how annoying this drug is- the bruising, the slight burning at the injection site.  Heck, just the total pain in the ass it is to have to stab yourself in the gut every night and inject something.  It sucks.

You know what else sucks?  The price.

We are currently in “we don’t have COBRA yet limbo”.  I’m not sure what the fucking hold up is (oh- if you’re shocked at the language- please know I’m good and pissed about this- so the f-bombs will be flying).  John’s been laid off since December 19th.  The legislation Obama signed, effectively subsidising 65% of COBRA costs was signed February 16th.  Why don’t we have the paper work yet? 

John ‘s been in contact with the HR “professional” many times (in quotes because I for the life of me don’t understand why this woman cannot do her job).  Apparently, it isn’t “their” job- it’s Ceridian’s job to get the COBRA info out to all the people who were let go.  Ceridian apparently doesn’t have their shit together. 

We were told that once we do get the COBRA paperwork, and once we pay (of course) that our benefits would be retroactive to 4/1 and to just keep all our receipts.  That was fine and dandy when it came to paying $40 out of pocket for Madeline’s antibiotic cream for the pacifier-induced lip rash she currently has.  NOT fine when i’m told by Caremark that the Lovenox refill is $35/dose!  Yup- $35 per FUCKING INJECTION.  Meaning I have to put $1050 on me AmEx!  And it isn’t like I have a choice- I have to take the Lovenox. 

Quite frankly, I’m not even CONVINCED that the coverage is going to be retroactive.  And what I’m REALLY afraid of, is that the insurance company is going to fuck us with a “pre-existing” condition because we paid a month out-of-pocket.  Who can you trust?  Who can you turn to for answers?  I have no idea! 

I would also like to know HOW ON GOD’S EARTH Lovenox is worth $35/dose?  How did the pharma company even COME UP with that number?  And quite frankly, if it were say, $10 a dose- maybe people could afford it.  Maybe we wouldn’t even need health insurance!  (I’m not going to continue this rant- I’ve been down that road before on this blog- about health insurance- hell, any insurance really- and if it didn’t exist, we’d all be better able to afford things). 

If this little example doesn’t make it crystal clear that the health care in this country is fucked up, I don’t know what will. It makes me angry that there are people in the USA that don’t have health insurance or prescription drug coverage.  What on Earth are they supposed to do?  What if they need a medicine like this to keep them alive?  Where are they supposed to turn? 

The whole thing makes me sick!!


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