Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 15, 2009


Easter was incredibly special this year.  Sure, our holidays are normally a little chaotic, but this year was super duper chaotic!

Our celebration actually started on Thursday; my grandparents, uncle and cousin flew in from Florida to celebrate with us.  Since my family has made the slow migration to Florida starting in ’92, the “big” holidays haven’t really been the same.  I was happy to recreate the huge, family-filled Easter of my childhood.   There’s something about having a ton of family around that makes holidays that much more special.. and to share it with Madeline made it even MORE awesome!

Saturday was the big religious night: John’s baptism, my confirmation, and our religious wedding ceremony.  It was a looonnng night- 3 1/2 hours.  Again, looking down the pew and seeing my family there to support us (and one very special friend) really brought the whole experience together for me.  God is very much in the relationships we have with other people… not just the “power up there”.  So to have my family and friend there to support John and I was a very real manifistation of God’s love… especially having parents, step parents, in-laws.. all together, all getting along.  If that isn’t heaven sent, I don’t know WHAT is!

For me, the most special part of the night was the renewal of our wedding vows.  Six and a half years later, I never thought I’d get to walk down the aisle again or carry a bouquet- or get a chance to take vows.  Over six years ago, John and I giggled our way through our vows… and we did the same April 12th.  I don’t know what it is about saying vows that make us both crack up- maybe it’s because the whole thing seems so “grown up”.. but in our hearts, we still FEEL like we’re “playing house”. 


After the religious wedding ceremony was over, we headed home- it was almost midnight and Maddie had hit her limit.  Somehow, on Easter morning, despite my lack of sleep (and Maddie’s foot in my ribs the whole night)- I was able to wake up before her and lay down some bunny tracks with finger paint.  I made a track from the table where the baskets were to the door.  It was a little bit of a rush job, and I make no claims as the authenticity of the tracks, but Maddie got a kick out of it, so that’s all that matters.

As Easter dinner didn’t begin at my mom’s house until 4pm- we all just hung out and relaxed:  me, John, Maddie, Elizabeth & Rachel.. sure, a full house for us, but we made it work.  Mom’s house was jam-packed… at least 18 people.  Exactly like the major holidays of my childhood: chaotic, loud (VERY loud), slightly drama-filled, and fun.



It seems, after a few years, that our family is healing a bit from past squabbles and/or misunderstandings.  One in particular is a relationship that I’ve had my mind on for a while (Grandma, if you’re reading this- y0u know what I’m referring to- and I hope this Easter returned one of your chicks to the fold).  See, that’s what Easter is about.  Forgiveness, peace, and love.  The whole reason why we even HAVE an Easter is because of Jesus dying on the cross- to pay the ultimate price for humanity’s sins… so to have lost-sheep at the Easter dinner table- well, it was certainly appropriate.  And I hope the spirit of Easter doesn’t end… that the forgiveness, peace and love isn’t put away until next year with the empty easter baskets and plastic eggs.  And I hope a certain someone I know gets the thing she wants most of all.



  1. Congratulations on the baptism/confirmation/vow renewal! What an exciting weekend.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! Happy (Belated) Easter!

  2. That was a 3 tissue blog. I read it……I certainly understand it………I’m VERY proud of you and I love you very much.

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