Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 6, 2009


As part of RCIA, we were asked to write a letter to Jesus, and then write a letter back to ourselves as if Jesus were writing it  (did ya get that)?  I thought I’d try- and get into the Holy Season spirit.

Dear Jesus,

Hey, what’s up? 

Happy almost death and resurrection! 

It’s almost Easter.  I have to admit, although you know already, that my Lenten promise to be more kind and less of a gossip isn’t going so well.  Why do “bitchy” things just come out of my mouth so easy with minimal effort?  I find it so easy to give in terms of money and food- but not so easy to give in kindness and having an open heart. 

It seems being judgmental is second nature; I oftentimes “catch” myself thinking in a judgmental way and have to go back and “undo” my thinking.  This really troubles me as I would like to be, and would like to think of myself as, a truly nice person.  I’d also like to think of myself as a patient person, but it seems like I don’t have much patience these days.  Could you send down a “super sized” portion for me?  I could surely use it- especially when Maddie gets the way You know she can get!

It is difficult to see You in the world we live in today; so many bad things happening, so many people hurting.  The news reports are almost always negative and heartbreaking.  I try to see You in my daughter’s smile and laughter, my husband’s kindness towards me, and the smiles of strangers.  It saddens me that fears in and of this world overtake the joys so easily.  And if I feel this way, and try to be positive, how must other people feel?  I’m sure they hurt even more.

And even though I might not always say it or think it, thank you for everything I have. I know I am truly blessed, and this blessing is from you. 

Love, Dina.



  1. Dear Dina,

    Your blog brought tears (many) to my eyes. You are wise beyond your years and more beautiful than words can express. Your many blessings are not an accident……they are well deserved.

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