Posted by: dinainsuburbia | April 2, 2009


Twenty-nine months old and already becoming a little dictator.  My mom thinks Maddie’s behavior has been “off” because she doesn’t feel well.   Granted, she is cutting a tooth, which is enough to make her a more “needy” (read: annoying) than normal, but lately she’s been a little rough and, quite frankly, EXHAUSTING!

This morning, for example, the little monster demanded my husband put on Oswald.   After what seemed like 1.5 seconds, she stomped around saying, “no oswald, no oswald.  I want princess songs!”  Unbelievable!  I knew something was up when I heard John stomp upstairs, jab the DVD, and violently snatch the princess song DVD out. 

Of course, we’re all entitled to change our minds, right?  But it gets worse.  Lately, all she wants to do is eat soup.  Soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She’s obsessed with campbell’s soup; thankfully, they make a “kid” variety that is low in sodium- so we will give her that a few times a week fortified with extra vegetables and some chopped up meatball or some other type of meat.  But for breakfast?  Come on, I have to draw the line somewhere. 

Two nights ago I knew she had soup for lunch, so when dinner rolled around and she wanted soup again, I figured I would just slip in a plate of meatballs and veg.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. that didn’t work.  She’s WAY too smart.  She knows what she wants and she wants it when she wants it.  Maddie-polean!  She THREW the plate off her high chair and sent pieces of sauce-covered meatballs all over my carpet!  But by the grace of God the plate didn’t shatter- and I’m sure I heard the chihuahuas SQUEAL with delight when they saw the beef hit the floor.. but boy, was I pissed!  She went RIGHT to time-out.  No warnings.  No passing go.  Nothing.  She didn’t like that ONE bit.  By the time she came out, I was calm, and gave her a pb&j to eat at the table.  No more high-chair…. kitchen table only from now on.

Is this a taste of the “3’s” I’ve heard so much about?  I hope not- I’m afraid! REALLY afraid.  I just don’t know if I have the energy for the constant battle of the wills!  It’s EVERYTHING- getting her to stand up to be washed in the bath is a problem, getting her to stay still to get dressed is a problem, getting her to come out of the car after a trip is a problem.  And it isn’t just us.  Typically the perfect princess for my mother, even SHE is feeling it!  Of course, instead of thinking Maddie-polean is getting a little “jerk” in her personality- my mom is blaming it on some type of sickness (what, my granddaughter a jerk?  never). 

And I think to myself- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU…?  Why are you trying to have ANOTHER one of these demanding tyrants again?  Seriously- I might need to have my head examined.


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