Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 30, 2009

wake up drunkie….

Doesn’t every mom want to wake up to those words after a night on the town with the girlfriends?  I think I”ve learned a major lesson here: you can go out on a Saturday night and drink yourself silly, but the rebound on Sunday is just NOT the same!

Seriously though, I had a blast Saturday night!  It was my friend Rachel’s birthday and we headed over to the meatpacking district for some debauchery.  First my cousin & I headed to Pastis.. the anchor of the meatpacking district.  I can’t believe Pastis is still jammed packed as ever.. but it is!  Filled with a fine assortment of New York’s “hip” and a rather large percentage of European and Australian visitors on “business”, my cousin and I could barely wiggle our way to the bar, let alone get a table!

Even though Pastis isn’t the newest or coolest hang-out… it does have a really fun, devil-may-care vibe that is totally predictable.  And, their french fries are good too (too bad we couldn’t get a table as I was sooooo craving moules frites).

Just as predictable were the dudes we picked up at the bar (Australians, here on business) and a fun group of Desi cuties from the garment district.  Heck, married or not, I still got it.. don’t I?  (Before you accuse me of cheating or some type of emotional indiscretion… I did let all the men know that I was HAPPILY married).   Of course, after 3 glasses of the house red I was ready to party… so we headed over to ARA for Rachel’s party.

ARA is a wine & cheese bar right down the block from Pastis on Ninth Avenue.  I’m not sure if the vibe there was super fun (certainly not as lively as Pastis- which, given the tiny size of ARA would be impossible), but I found it enjoyable given my “bubbly” personality created by Pastis’ house red.

The bottles at ARA are super affordable, quite a few selections under $50.00 that were incredibly tasty and the staff was super helpful.  We also noshed on a cheese plate, I opted for the strong selection, but if you are a cheese wuss- you can go for mild.

By the time my cousin and I were ready to go home, we were pretty sauced up… when I got home, and the atmosphere of the night had worn off, I had an “uh oh” moment…. I didn’t feel so good and I knew there would be HELL to pay Sunday.. which there was.

I have to say, that I had a GREAT time- and it’s totally awesome to socialize with friends and NOT be on “mommy” duty!


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