Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 24, 2009

So, why is it called Lovenox?

Is this one of those marketing instances where they use words that are the OPPOSITE of what the product really is?  So when I think about Lovenox I am to be fooled because of the “love” in Lovenox? Instead of how the drug sort of burns on the way in? 

Seriously- this drug sort of sucks.  I know I can’t really say for sure after only injecting it once last night, but I already feel like I got punched in the gut where the Lovenox was injected.  Although, on the positive side, I haven’t bruised… yet.

First IUI went down this AM.. second IUI tomorrow AM.  Of course, this all has to take place during the two days of the week that are a little crazy.  I was a little nervous I would have had to take Maddie with my tomorrow for IUI #2 (I really REALLY don’t want to bring her in to the room with me- I can only imagine the gems that would come out of her mouth).  Thankfully my Dad is saving the day and keeping an eye on Maddie at the shop for an hour or so.  Phew!

Other than my new routine of stabbing myself in the gut, nothing else is really going on.  John has been rocking on job interviews- the past few weeks getting 2 and 3 a week- which is really great!  Hopefully he will have something really soon.  His last severance payment hits the account next week and I’m trying not to get nervous at the notion of not having his regular pay. 

Oh- if you are thinking- “maybe trying to get pregnant while husband is out of work isn’t a good idea”… shut up!  It isn’t that I don’t care, but I sort of don’t care.  I’m trusting the big man upstairs on this one.  I just KNOW John’s getting a job soon and I’m not putting any baby making plans on hold (especially since it has been taking FOREVER).

I hauled my ass to the treadmill this morning pre-IUI…. It’s my weight watchers resolution for the week, to exercise at LEAST 3 times- which I have done… but want to fit in an AM jog tomorrow and Thursday so weigh-in isn’t a complete and utter “fuck me” moment.. ya know?  Still not tracking or writing down.  I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me?


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