Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 19, 2009


OK, so I haven’t puked yet- but damn does this letrozole make me sick to my stomach… it’s like having morning sickness without any of the joys of knowing that you’re actually expecting.  Fun!  The only upside is that the queasiness goes away as soon as the pills stop.. only two more days.  Taking the pills at night is supposed to make the side effects less severe.   I can only imagine how I would feel if I took them in the AM!

In other news, got a call from my insurance that they are sending the Lovenox mail order. Please keep your fingers crossed that they cover it and the co-pay is manageable.

For the 10 Lotrozole pills (brand name femara) the co-pay is $30.00.  It says on the paper work that my insurance saved me $110.00!  So let me get this straight- each pill costs $14.00?  Does that not sound super ridiculous to you or what?  Where do companies get their pricing from anyway, their asses?

Oh, and here’s another thing that pisses me off… you ever look at the statements you get from your insurance company?  How is it that the doctor charges $350 for something and then accepts $75.00 for it from the insurance company- but if you don’t have insurance you have to pay $350?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Is the cost of the doctor’s service even rooted in reality?

This type of thing drives me crazy.  It’s as if you go to the car dealer and ask how much the car is and they say it’s $1 million but you can give me $25k for it… retarded.

Maybe we wouldn’t have a health insurance crisis if doctors priced their services based on reality- not based on how much they would LIKE to earn. 

Also- say if I wanted to get IVF… if it was covered by insurance, the insurance company would pay out (I’m guessing here) about $3k or so.. and that’s probably a high estimate.  But because my insurance company doesn’t cover it, I have to pay $8k out of pocket.

Now, I know doctor’s offices are contractually obligated to NOT charge patients without insurance the same as people with insurance (because if they did this, why have health insurance)… but maybe they can narrow it down a little?  Instead of there being a $5k difference for the same service, how about a $1k difference.  Then, maybe people wouldn’t have to go bankrupt to go to the doctor! 

Instead of making health insurance more affordable why don’t we make going to the doctor more affordable without insurance?  

Sorry for the vent- maybe it’s because I feel like retching that I’m going off- not to mention I think the lotrozole plays with your hormones too, because yesterday I wanted to rip my father’s face off for no good reason.!


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