Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 17, 2009

on to cycle 2

Thanks to my admonishing of my menstrual cycle in my last blog, good old Aunt Flo showed up Friday afternoon- EXACTLY the same as the cycle prior.  Pretty weird for my body to be THAT on schedule.  Called up the fertility specialist and got an appointment for yesterday- on day 4 of my cycle.

The doctor visit was pretty much status quo: blood work drawn and a sonogram to make sure I didn’t have any residual cysts from the last cycle.  I didn’t- so I’m onto cycle 2 with the fertility specialist.

This month calls for 5 days of lotrozole (sort of like clomid, but doesn’t thin the lining out), daily baby aspirin, daily metformin (1500 mg), a metanx pill, and of course prenatal vitamins.  Next week, I’ll be back to the doc for more monitoring, to see if I have a good egg.  If this cycle is the same as last cycle, I should have a good one ready by next Monday, which means I’ll take the HCG trigger Monday night and have an IUI on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  My doctor also wants me to start lovenox injections once I trigger.  Fun.

The doc said the metformin has a cumulative effect over time, so the longer I’m on it, the better my egg quality will be.  I asked the doctor if we should strive for more than 1 follie, and he said at this point, it wasn’t necessary- but might be something we’d discuss down the road.

Oh- and about the lovenox injections, in case anyone wanted to know why it was added to the protocol.  When I went for the blood work last week, my beta came up a 2.  He said from that level, he could safely assume the egg fertilized, but it didn’t implant.  The lovenox is supposed to help with this.

We shall see!


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