Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 13, 2009

dear period

It’s official- you are a mega bitch!  Not because I’ve officially been told by the doctor that I’m not pregnant.. I’ve made peace with that.  You’re a bitch because even though I know I’m not pregnant, and I’ve had MULTIPLE cues as to your arrival, you aren’t showing up!!!!

Where the hell are you?  Why do you have to draw this whole cycle out.  I’m done with this cycle, I want to start the next one, and once again have some small glimmer of hope that we’re going to be successful!

I’m even prepared for you to show up at your usual 3am (yeah that’s another reason why you’re a bitch, because you have to show up at 3am when I’m sleeping and comfortable and go from nonexistence to sticking a damn knife in my ovary).  I have my heating pad ready to go and everything.  But no- every morning I wake up and am amazed that you aren’t here yet.

Seriously- stop being a bitch and bring this cycle to an end so we can start over!


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